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Learn how to great guitar tone from nearly any set of gear, so you never need to worry about sounding great on stage or in the studio.

James Duke

Guitars - Matt Redman, John Mark McMillan, Steven Curtis Chapman

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"Jeffrey is a trail blazer.  His sense of melody and ear for tone has been integral in the development of Jesus Culture's music. "

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The 5 Tones

The 5 types of sounds each guitar player needs to have at your finger tips in order to sound versatile, modern, and skillful.

...So you can finally achieve amazing guitar tone - with your setup, anytime.

How To Approach The Amp

All great tone starts with basic "from the amp" great clean tone.  This is the foundation of all great tone.

Iconic Lead Tone

Every time you solo, this is your go-to "It's gonna RULE" setting. Your solo tone should have people complimenting and asking "how do you sound like that" after every set.


How to ensure you'll always have delay and reverb settings that compliment your sound - without getting "lost" in the mix.  (This is a huge problem in today's guitar playing... it's subtle but important.)

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